Hospitality Towels


Product Name     :  Hospitality Towels,

Size                      : 40×70 cm, 40×60 cm, 50×90 cm, 70×140 cm, 70×130 cm


Color                    : White,

Gm2                        :   400,450,500,550,600            

Product Details   :  100 % Cotton


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As you know we go to a  center to be made massage and to be relax. Thats why we want to see a clean area and to have a wonderful massage. There are also swimming pool and some other place to have a rest in a  centre. There are some other details in a  centre such as towels, slippers, bathrobes and some other materials. But there is a most important thing there. Its  towel. Because a towel in a  Centre should have hygiene.  hotel towels must have hygiene and must be soft definitely.

When a  towel was dirty, you can have some illness. In a professional hospitality towel  you dont have any linens  cause of hospitality. If you have a  centre or if you are a customer you should be carefull about this point. You can get a lot of  hotel towels alternatives easiliy and with quality certificate. Between a lot of alternatives you can choose that you like. If you want to show your quality you can get this from professional company.

Guests always prefer quality. Thats why quality materials and production are first all the time.The most prefered material is the cotton about towel production.  hotel towels are usually made by cotton. That means there are quality there and you can trust there. As you know cotton is the healtiest materials especially production of the towels. You can get the  hotel towels as group.

There are some different designs in  hotel towels alternatives. If you want to get same desing all of them you can make a nice look in the  centre. You put forward your hygiene and your quality.  hospitality towels show your hygiene dont forget this detail. This is the most important thing for you. 

You can choose different colour alternatives such as red, yellow, blue or the other colours. But know that the most prefered colour is white. White the mother of the colours. Thats why white is suitable for a  centre. Its used white mostly for a  hospitality towels. Professional  centres usually prefer white colours. 

 We are ZOREL, one of the exclusive firms at textile industry with our product groups of towel, bathrobe and beddings. We aim a high level of customer happiness as subjects of comfort, usefulness, design, current trends and technologies by having and considering social responsibilities(BSCI) and quality certifications(OEKOTEX 100 Class I).



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