Hotel Robes


Size  : 8 -12 Age  – S -M- L -XL -XXL – XXL- XXXL

Color: White



Hotel robes are the goods that we used mostly at our home, at hotels and everywhere that we can think so we can see a lot of alternatives of Hotel robes. As you know at the hotels are used towels, bathrobes as group production mostly. All of the bathrobes and towels are the same. Because of this hotels owner prefer that take the bathrobes and towels from a production company. Hotel robes should have some specialities such as look, hygiene.

Guests of the hotels want to see hygiene at first at the hotel. Thats why white is the most prefered colour of the towels or bathrobes. Hotel bathrobes and towels have a lot of alternative colours too. hotel towels and hotel robes are needed in spa centre too. In spa centre the guests need bathrobes and towels too. There are belted, hooded alternatives. You can choose that you perefer. We consider every detail about the hotel robes and towels. Denizli is the most famous company about towel production. You can feel the quality with this company too.

New design, trendy bathrobes create a nice effect on your body when you wore them. Soft and sensitive materials provide that you have comfort. New designs and trendy bathrobes are healty in same time. Thanks to their hygienic materials, you can be in health and relaxing place after your bathing or massage. You know when you saw the trendy bathrobes at first. Cotton evince itself at first look. Hotel bathrobes have felt to you pure comfort and they are produced as light weight. So you can not feel them on your skin most of the time. You can see new trends such as patterned, lined and the other designs.

When you wore hotel bathrobes you can feel the comfort directly. You can have the calm and relax. New bathrobes are produced bamboo in same time.You know bamboo and cotton are antibacterial naturally. You have a lot of choices about colours. Soft and dark colours are waiting your choice. Towels and hotel bathrobes should have some properties such as antibacterial and softly. Bamboo and cotton are the healtiest speciality. They dont loose the properties 20-30 untill washing. Besides there are trendy alternatives that you will like.


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