Bathrobe                     : S/M  – M/L 

Towels                         : 50 x 90 cm (2 pcs)

Bath Towels                : 85 x 150 cm (2 pcs)

Slipper                         : 2 pairs






Everywhere we need towels. At the kitchens, in the bathrooms we always need towels. Especially after the shower, bathrobes are the most important materials. Thats why bathrobes are produced by the producters everytime and more. Today we can see different designs everywhere. But the most important thing is if the bathorebe that we bought is first quality or not. There are also family bathrobe set today. Different colour and designs will attract you. You can choose pink, rose, blue, purple, white, gray or some other colours. Most people choose white colour. Because you know white is the mother all of the colours and hygiene.

There are bathrobes,slippers, two towels in the family bathrobe sets. After the shower you can feel better with this quality yourself. Because family sets are produced 0 cotton or bamboo. İf you want to feel this soft and quality you can try this sets. There are different alternative designs such as patterned, printed, embroidered or different desings. You can also have a look at the other colours alternatives. New desing family bathrobe set are waiting for you.

Family bathrobe set are produced for you specially. Each of your family member should feel same differences. If you want you can choose bathorebe sets as printed your names. To have a good sleep, the bathrobes sets are the best choice. Just try them you will know the difference. This family bathrobe set are the first quality thats why you will have a good time with them. We are all need to get have good time to have quite sould. But its not possible everytime. We are all have stresses sometime and the only way to escape from this, to take a good shower and of course to use the first quality bathrobes and towels.

After a stresfull day you will need take a shower and will need relax.A quality bathrobe will provide you good time and relax. You will like about the its apperance in same time. Different jacquard alternatives will take your attention. New family bathrobe set will provide you to have nice time. You can get the first quality towels and bathrobe sets here. Bathrobe sets and towels are prepared by a professional team so you can trust the bathrobe and towels. If you want to have good time and relax you can choose this sets.

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