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unique linens
unique linens
unique linens
unique linens
Agata Turkish Linen
Turkish LinenTurkish LinenTurkish LinenTurkish LinenAgata Turkish Linen

Single Size Duvet Cover

Duvet Cover             : 160 x 220 cm

Sheet                          : 160x 240 cm

Std. Pillow Case       : 50 x 70 cm (1 pcs)

Oxfd. Pillow Case     : 50 x 70+5 cm (1 pcs)


Double Size Duvet Cover

Duvet Cover             : 200 x 220 cm

Sheet                          : 240 x 260 cm

Std. Pillow Case       : 50 x 70 cm (2 pcs)

Oxfd. Pillow Case    : 50 x 70+5 cm (2 pcs)   



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unique linens :As ZOREL, we aim presenting you the luxury bedclothes series to improve your best moments. Human spend a third of their lives in bed so quality sheets are key, but how do you get quality? Trust Zorel.. Our linen bedcloth series give you the promise of well-fashioned and comforted sheets.

Other our product are;


Usually made from a combed cotton thread, our woven to produce bed linen with a gorgeous sheet that feels luxurious, soft and smooth against the skin. It also drapes well, and irons easier than cotton percale. This is most people’s favourite bed linen, anything to less ironing is good news to some.


You can create your own style with matching our best linen series as you wish.


With Zorel Linen Series you can experience the refreshing and relaxing more and more!


You can decorate your babies’ rooms with Zorel’s well designed cartoons and colors!

    We move the quality up to show you the most comfortable experience for unique linens meaningthe best dreams! We offer our pastel and pure colored linens series for our customers to live the relaxation moments by our special gift. They are produced from linen yarns to improve the handle and softness properties of unique linens.