bamboo towels
bathrobe towel

Family Bathrobe Set   : 2 pcs

Bathrobe                     : 160x 260 cm

Towels                         : 50 x 90 cm (2 pcs)

Bath Towels                : 85 x 150 cm (2 pcs)

Slipper                         : 2 pairs




           Bamboo Towels :In our lives, meaning the houses, we consider every detail until accessories. When the subject comes to towels.. Who can say that is enough? New trends and designs are developed day by day with our firm for your satisfaction. By that do you prefer the best accessories for your house -towel choice- rightly? We are giving you tips of exclusive towel choice… ZOREL towels and bathrobes.

            Let’s consider your aim of using our towel. Is that a gift towel which is desired to be very charming for presenting your style to your loved ones, or is that a daily towel that is not expected to be highly alluring, only expected to give comfort to our skin and remove the water from it. We have towels of very wide range of usage area as daily use, special use or gift. Our towels are made from the best cotton seeds as raw material to reach high softness skills. Because the towel is frequently washed product, their stiffening problem is avoided by technical parameters that are set by high engineered system.

            Everybody deserves increasing their relaxation while they are inside of our bathrobe that is pure comfort.. So the bathrobes should meet these requirements. We invite you to a unique episode of your life with our exclusive robes! They are designed to give you the best comfort properties and designs as color, pattern and decorations on them. Bathrobes are made from cotton yarns to provide best harmony with our customers’ skins. Also the technical parameters are set carefully as light-weighed fabrics to give you flightness, sense of calm.

            Our  bamboo towels and bamboo bathrobes present you these whole choices together! We have sets of bathrobes and towels having same or harmonic designs, colors on them. They are, Wedding Family Set by pastel color options named as Allecra, Riva, Greta, Bellini, Anje and Amadora Series; Bamboo Family Set; Casual Family Set by vivid colored bathrobes and Gift Series with soft tones and illustrated by butterfly, birds, roses and more. Besides their pure colors as Viola, Cherry, Alegantina and others, Bamboo ones are produced from bamboo plants’ pulps. The bamboo fiber, plant has naturally antibacterial and  smell-avoiding properties. It does not lose this properties even after 50 wash. Also it is eco-friendly. To improve absorbency, cotton-bamboo mix is chosen for bathrobes and towels.  Also we have Promotional Towels to reflect your likes, brand trends, sense of humor, hobbies to others!