Turkish Linen Vintage
linenTurkish Linen Vintage

Double Size Duvet Cover Set

Duvet Cover             : 200 x 220 cm

Sheet                        : 240 x 260 cm

Std. Pillow Case       : 40 x 70 cm (2 pcs)

Oxfd. Pillow Case     : 50 x 70+5 cm (2 pcs)



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As ZOREL, we aim presenting you the luxury bedclothes series to improve your best moments. Human spend a third of their lives in bed so quality sheets are key, but how do you get quality? Trust Zorel.. Our linen bedcloth series give you the promise of well-fashioned and comforted sheets.

Usually made from a combed cotton thread, our woven to produce bed linen with a gorgeous sheet that feels luxurious, soft and smooth against the skin. It also drapes well, and irons easier than cotton percale.

            We move the quality up to show you the most comfortable experience for bedding, meaningthe best dreams!We offer our pastel and pure colored  series for our customers to live the relaxation moments by our special gift. 



By this way, the oldest tale of cotton has started to be written in our region having our factories in which we produce the top quality towels and bathrobe by processing the best cotton. Like many firms in Denizli, our progress on the path of production in modern facilities started with the trade of fabrics manufactured on the old shuttle looms as well.

Zorel was established as warping, sizing and weaving factory in 1989. Zorel Tekstil, which started exporting in 1996, has reached to an export figure amounting to around 15 million dollars annually in 9000 m2 closed area with its 180 employees. It addresses the selected home textile purchasers in many countries especially the ones in England, America and Europe.

Zorel Textile  Manufacturing Sales. Ind. and  Trade Corp. was established in the district of Centrum -Denizli for the purpose of carrying out production, purchase–sales, export–import of textile products in 1989. Our firm makes the processes of weaving dyed and confection.

In our facility’s  weaving section, 12 pieces of dobby and 6 pieces of jacquard weaving machines are available; and ready-wear section consists of two areas as automatic line and manual line. In manual line, 16 pieces of confection machine, 2 pieces of longitudinal sewing machine, 1 piece of longitudinal cutting machines are available.

Our facility can provide service to the customers as a weaving capacity of 3.5 ton /day and a ready-wear capacity of 3.5 ton /day.


Our firm carries out weaving and ready-wear clothprocesses for towel and bathrobe.


It is situated on a total area of 32,000 m2together with an averagetotal closed area of 9,800 m2 and green and other open ares.



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