baby bath sets
baby bathrobes
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Baby Bath Sets        : 0 – 2 years

Bathrobe                     : 1 pcs

Swaddle                      : 75 x 75 cm (1 pcs)

Bib                               : 1 pcs

Washching Mitt        : 20 x 15 cm (1 pcs) 

Mouth Cloth             : 20 x 20 cm (1 pcs)


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Babies are the most important thing for a family. At home, at work if you are a mother or father, your brain usually on your baby. Babies are the most valuable wealth for you we sure. Thats why everything that are used for your baby should be first quality. To get hygiene, baby should have bath. But if the bath set is unquality, your baby can get some illness. Baby bath sets should be first quality.

Bamboo, terry, cotton, jacquard, printered, embroidered kinds are waiting for your baby. Baby bath sets are sensitive and soft. Thats why your baby will have comfort with this sets.Different alternatives are fancy such as printed. You can choose this alternatives. You can buy bathrobes or towels one by one what you want or you can but them as set. Our all productions are first quality so baby bath setstoo.

Bamboo is healty naturally. Thats why bamboo is the most prefered materials for the bath sets. Cotton is also healty materials and producters always prefer this material while they are producing bathrobes or some other thing. Baby bath sets should be produced regardfully. They should be hygienic and sensitive.

There are different colour alternatives. The most prefered colour is the white as ever as. There are red, blue, yellow, pink and some other colour to your choice. You can also choose embroidered and jacquard alternatives. They are heaty and suitable for your babies. If you want a healty and beautiful baby bet set you can have a look here. The best baby bath sets are here.

Your baby can get comfort with the prepered bath sets specially. Baby bath sets consist of Bathrobes, bibs, washing mitts, swaddles, mouth clothes. The professional team monitors the every stage of the production. We get professional result after every production. You can also make use of this healty production. This baby bath sets are the most confidential production for your baby.

Antibacterial and confidential productions provide to advantage for your babies. If you want that your baby get hygiene and comfort you can make use of baby bath sets.Your baby can spend enjoable time with this alternatives. There are printed, jacquard and embroidered alternatives. You can get printed bathrobes,swaddles and some other part what you want in same time.

 We are ZOREL, one of the exclusive firms at textile industry with our product groups of towel, bathrobe and baby bath sets. We aim a high level of customer happiness as subjects of comfort, usefulness, design, current trends and technologies by having and considering social responsibilities(BSCI) and quality certifications(OEKOTEX 100 Class I).

            We are spreading our service of design year by year in line with our customers’ desires. Today, we are at High Street Stores and Supermarkets by 85% of our total trade, and also for retail traders and wholesalers we give 15% of our selling. We improve the relationship with our customers to meet the desires of them from fabric to end product as designing sampling or any other step of production.

           Our target is to satisfy our customers withflawless service, delivering in due timeand as a result, presentation of well-quality products.